Liz DiNorma is an Intellectual Property Practice Manager, whose responsibilities include assistance with patent prosecution before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and patent offices worldwide with assistance from foreign counsel.

Liz DiNorma began her career in 1989, working primarily in intellectual property, specifically focusing on domestic and foreign patent prosecution. In addition, Liz has been a manager of domestic and foreign patent prosecution departments during her career.

Liz DiNorma specializes in patent prosecution under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) and has developed considerable expertise in connection with the filing and prosecution of patent applications under the PCT.

During her career, Liz has assisted with the prosecution of hundreds of patent applications worldwide.

As the client manager for matters handled by Jeffrey Karceski, Liz may be contacted for any matters for which Jeffrey Karceski is responsible.

For general questions concerning PCT procedures, Liz may be contacted directly.

Liz DiNorma can be reached via email at: