Jeffrey D. Karceski is a registered patent attorney (Registration Number 35,914) who has represented both large and small clients in many technology areas. While Jeffrey’s primary area of practice involves patent prosecution and client counseling, he has been involved with the enforcement of intellectual property rights before U.S. District Courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission (Section 337 Investigations). Jeffrey also has assisted clients with Reexamination Proceedings and Interferences at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Jeffrey graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1988, where he received a degree in nuclear engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering. Jeffrey graduated from the George Washington Law School in 1991. In addition to his experience in private practice, Jeffrey is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where he has been teaching a paralegal course in intellectual property since 1994.

Jeffrey Karceski has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of utility and design patent applications. Areas of technical familiarity include compositions of rubber materials, plastics, fuel additives, petroleum products, steels, alloys, composite materials, and optic fiber materials. Jeffrey has prosecuted patent applications involving optics, recreational vehicles, airplanes, trains, automobiles, internal combustion engines, radio controlled toys, petroleum distillation and refining, and composite materials, among others.

Jeffrey Karceski also has been involved with patent applications directed to the construction of semiconductor components, plasma deposition of materials, photolithographic processes, hard disk drives, optical storage media, solid state memory (i.e., “thumb drives”), computer monitors, and televisions.

Jeffrey Karceski has experience preparing and filing software patents, business method patents, and patent applications that involve data processing, such as parallel processors for hand-held mobile devices, including “smart phones.”

Jeffrey Karceski concentrates his practice on patent prosecution, counseling, and opinions. He has prosecuted patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO), is familiar with international patent practice, and has prosecuted numerous applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Jeffrey assists clients to worldwide patent protection for their products. He also helps clients manage their portfolios.

Jeffrey Karceski clients on many aspects of patent law, including: patent drafting, prosecution before the United States Patent Office, assistance with prosecution before foreign patent offices, validity studies, infringement studies, product clearances, and patent clearances, among others.

Jeffrey Karceski can be reached via e-mail at: