Our attorneys are not strangers to litigation, both in the patent and the trademark contexts. We regularly assist clients to enforce their patent and trademark rights and to defend against charges of infringement.

Litigation, Generally

For an owner of intellectual property rights, litigation provides one means by which intellectual property rights may be enforced. In some instances, litigation becomes the only avenue remaining for a rights holder to protect the boundaries of his labors.

As a defendant, litigation sometimes engenders a high level of anxiety. Defending against a charge of infringement may be an expensive endeavor, with high stakes.

Regardless of the positions in which our clients find themselves, we have the experience to help our clients with the vagaries of litigation. This includes providing strategic advice prior to the filing of infringement litigation, helping the client during litigation, and providing assistance after litigation once a judgment has been entered.

Patent Litigation

In the context of patent litigation, our attorneys have entered appearances before many federal district courts on behalf of both patent owners and accused infringers.

For example, in March, 2010, we assisted a client with enforcement of rights before the United States District Court for the District of Nevada, concerning a peripheral device for a consumer electronics product.

After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict for our client (1) upholding the validity of our client’s patents, (2) finding that the defendant infringed both of client’s patents, and (3) finding that the defendant’s infringement was willful.

Trademark Litigation

In the context of trademark litigation, we have assisted clients to enforce their trademark rights and to defend against alleged infringements of the rights of others.

We also assist clients to police their intellectual property rights, to identify potential infringements and provide advice with respect thereto.