Our attorneys are not strangers to litigation, both in the patent and the trademark contexts. We regularly assist clients to enforce their patent and trademark rights and to defend against charges of infringement.



As part of the broad spectrum of intellectual property services that our firm provides, we are asked to provide our clients with opinions concerning the validity, enforceability, and infringement of the rights of others. Most often, this arises in the patent context and, for that reason, we discuss our capabilities in view of patent law. We note, however, that we are also familiar with the preparation of opinions in other intellectual property areas, such as trademark law.

Patent Prosecution

Our attorneys collectively possess more than forty years of experience with patent prosecution, before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with respect to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”), and before various National Patent Offices worldwide.

Trademark Prosecution

Our attorneys routinely assist clients to protect, and maintain the protection of their valuable trademarks in the United States and, with assistance from foreign counsel, worldwide.