Title:  Sealed Electric Compressor

Issue Date:  April 10, 2012

Applicant:  Ubukata Industries, Co., Ltd.

Abstract:  A sealed electric compressor having a normally-off type pressure switch and a fuse element. The pressure switch is placed in a sealed housing, connected parallel to a main winding of an electric motor, and, when the pressure of refrigerant in the sealed housing is abnormally high, activates to short-circuit the main winding. The fuse element is connected in series to the main winding and an auxiliary winding of the electric motor and interrupts conduction of electricity to the electric motor when an excess current that is produced when the pressure switch short-circuits the main winding flows.

Available at:  Patent No. 8,154,237

Downloadable copy:  [Patent No. 8,154,237 PDF]

U.S. Patent No. 8,154,237