Title:  Steel Alloy and Tools or Components Manufactured Out of the Steel Alloy

Issue Date:  September 27, 2011

Applicant:  Uddeholms AB

Abstract:  The invention relates to a powder metallurgically manufactured steel with a chemical composition containing, in % by weight: 0.01-2 C, 0.6-10 N, 0.01-3.0 Si, 0.01-10.0 Mn, 16-30 Cr, 0.01-5 Ni, 0.01-5.0 (Mo+W/2), 0.01-9 Co, max. 0.5 S and 0.5-14 (V+Nb/2), where the contents of N on the one hand and of (V+Nb/2) on the other hand are balanced in relation to each other such that the contents of these elements are within an area that is defined by the coordinates A’, B’, G, H, A’, where the coordinates of [N, (V+Nb/2)] are: A: [0.6,0.5]; B’: [1.6,0.5]; G: [9.8,14.0]; H: [2.6,14.0], and max. 7 of (Ti+Zr+Al), balance essentially only iron and impurities at normal amounts. The steel is intended to be used in the manufacturing of tools for injection moulding, compression moulding and extrusion of components of plastics, and for tools for cold working, which are exposed to corrosion. The invention also relates to construction components such as injection nozzles for engines, wear parts, pump parts, bearing components etc. Yet another field of application is the use of the steel alloy for the manufacturing of knives for food industry.

Available at:  Patent No. 8,025,839

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U.S. Patent No. 8,025,839